Monday, 12 November 2012

Classic City mag covers No4

This cover,  from May 2002, shows Stuart Pearce proudly holding the Division 1 trophy.  Kevin Keegan's team scored 108 goals on their way to the title, which equalled the 1926 -1927 City record.

Victory in Europe!

More Europe!  Here's the goals from the European Cup Winners Cup final 1970, which was held in Vienna.  The top picture shows Gornik Zabreze keeper Kostka blocking a shot from Lee with Neil Young running in to score the first goal.  The other picture is Francis Lee scoring a penalty to put City 2 - 0 up.  Zabreze scored a consolation goal later on, but City's victory was never really in doubt.  The match was played in heavy rain for long periods, with a crowd of only 10,000 watching, in a stadium which held 80,000!  Almost 4,000 City supporters followed the team to Austria and were rewarded with City's finest night in Europe. 

City in Europe

City didn't always struggle in Europe!  Joe Mercer with the European Cup Winners Cup on their victory parade in Manchester 1970.  In my opinion the pressure for City to succeed in Europe is very unfair.  The media seems to delight in everything that goes wrong for City in the Champions League, conveniently forgetting they were playing in the most difficult group this year.  It took Chelsea years to win the Champions League, despite their vast wealth, so why the pressure on City?  Another Premier League title will be enough for this season, Europe can wait!